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Blackboard 9.1 (SP11) Features

Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 11

What's New Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 11

Blackboard Learn, Version 9.1, Service Pack 11 (SP11) includes a new look and feel that will enhance the experience for instructors, students, and administrators. Users already familiar with Bb 9.1 will be pleased with the additional functionality Bb 9.1, SP11 offers. New enhancements affect Blackboard's user interface and workflow functionality. If you would like additonal information about a specific feature, click on its title to learn more. As always, please feel free to contact your Faculty Resource Center team for assistance with MyGateway. Highlights include:

New Content Editor (text editor)

View Screen Shots - Content Editor

Using the Content Editor

Oveview of the Content Editor


Course Delivery Changes
View Screen Shots - Course Delivery Changes


New Global Navigation
(upper right corner, a drop down menu with many navigation options)
Accessing the Global Navigation Panel


Additonal Updates


Additional Resources