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Secure TransmIT

Secure TransmIT allows University faculty and staff to safely transfer electronic files* that cannot or should not be sent via the email system due to the file size, the file type or the need for enhanced security. Using a web browser or Microsoft Outlook, users can send files via a fully encrypted transmission to anyone with a valid email address.

Secure TransmIT even provides the necessary security to send sensitive or restricted data as defined by the UM Data Classification System (DCS). Recipients receive an email with instructions and a link to pick up the package. The email message includes information about who sent the package as well as a one-time-use password to retrieve it.

    • There is no charge for Secure TransmIT.
    • The service can be used by anyone in the entire University of Missouri System, for University business.
    • Contact the Technology Support Center to join Secure TransmIT service and be added to the appropriate distribution list(s).

Read our FAQ (below) or consult the user guide for additional information. If you experience problems with the service, please call the TSC at (314) 516-6034.

Secure TransmIT: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Secure TransmIT?

Secure TransmIT is designed to facilitate quick, easy and secure transfers of business-related data between University users and external recipients although it can be used to transfer files to other University users as well. Secure TransmIT uses secure connection protocols and file encryption to protect data whether it is being actively downloaded by a user or sitting idle in the server's file storage. In addition, Secure TransmIT does not enforce strict file size or file type limitations the way that the University's email system does.

Secure TransmIT is beneficial when sending:

    • large files (up to 50 GB every 30 days)
    • specific file formats (such as .exe files)
    • files containing sensitive or restricted content (such as data protected by FERPA)

Can I send Data Classification Level 3 (DCL3) data using this service?

Yes. Secure TransmIT has specific security features that will allow users to send restricted data such as FERPA-protected data and Protected Health Information (PHI). Secure TransmIT's underlying software uses SSH encryption to secure connections made through the web interface as well as file upload/download data streams and it meets the FIPS 140-2 AES encryption standard used by the Canadian and US Federal governments. It is recommended for use by the UM Information Security Officers.

Please remember, however, that the use of Secure TransmIT is a tool only and is not an automatic approval to send such data. Laws, regulations, granting agencies and other restrictions may apply to how and where restricted data can be sent.

How much data can I send through Secure TransmIT?

Secure TransmIT allows users to send up to 50 GB of data in a 30 day period. This means that if you were to send a 45 GB file today, you would only be able to send a cumulative 5 GB of data in the next 30 days. On day 31, the 45 GB file would no longer count against your user quota, and you would therefore be able to send a similarly large file once more. If you need to request additional quota, contact Technology Support Center.

What is a "package"?

A "package" is Secure TransmIT's version of an email. Packages usually have a body, subject line and recipient email addresses. Packages can optionally include file attachments and are not limited by file size or type the way that standard email attachments are.

How can I setup access to Secure TransmIT for receiving files when the recipient is not a UM employee or student and does not have a UM account?

Create a new package with the desired subject, body and file attachments. Address the package to the email account that you want to send a file to and then send your package. Unregistered package recipients automatically will be given a temporary account and password they can use to access the package and download the files.

How long does a temporary account allow access to the Secure TransmIT service?

Temporary accounts expire and are locked for access after five successful logins. Temporary accounts are then deleted after 30 more days.

My package recipient had a temporary account, but now it is expired. How can they gain access to Secure TransmIT again?

After a temporary account expires, the account can be reactivated by sending a new package to the same email address that was previously used for the account. Temporary accounts that have been deleted will simply be recreated as new accounts.

How can external users send files to internal recipients when they don't already have an account?

Access for external users is only granted when the user in question is sent a package from a University user. At that time, the external user is granted a temporary account. That temporary account can be used to send information back to the University until the temporary account expires.

Can temporary users send packages to any University user or other external users?

No. Temporary users are limited to sending packages to University users that have previously sent packages to them.

Do I have to use the Java and/or ActiveX Upload/Download Wizard browser plugin when I am uploading files to the Secure TransmIT web interface?

No. This feature can be disabled, which may be necessary if you do not have "Administrator" rights on your computer or if you experience problems when trying to use either plugin.

How can I disable the Java and/or ActiveX plugin?

To deactivate the plugin, visit the Secure TransmIT web site, login to your account and click the "My Account" link in the upper right hand corner of the page. Then, select the "Change Upload/Download Wizard Status" link and select "Disable the Wizard" on the next page that loads. You can re-enable it from the same place at any time and you can also choose to disable the wizard "for this session only," in which case it will be enabled again the next time you login.

How can I use the Secure TransmIT service without having to login through a web browser each time?

Secure TransmIT includes a plugin for Microsoft Outlook 2010 that allows users to send packages directly from their email client. Once you are a registered Secure TransmIT user, login and click the "AdHoc Outlook Plugin" folder link that is displayed on your home page. This will take you to a folder containing two different install files for the plugin (one requires user input and the other does not), an uninstaller and a README text file. Please consult the README for further install information. Once installed, the plugin shows up as a button in Outlook's compose email window, next to the normal "Attach Files" button. Using the plugin also bypasses the need to login when sending a package, although the Secure TransmIT site must still be used when receiving a package from another user.

Is there anything I can't send using Secure TransmIT?

This service should only be used for University business. Users are required to comply with all applicable policies, including but not limited to the University's Acceptable Use Policy and Information Security Program.

Who is eligible to use this service?

The service can be used by anyone in the entire University of Missouri System. If a user is listed in the Global Address List (GAL), they are eligible to use Secure TransmIT. There is no charge for this service.

How do I obtain the service?

Your account must be added to one of the Secure TransmIT users distribution lists in order to use the service. Columbia-area users should contact the Technology Support Center to be added to the appropriate list. Once the nightly synchronization process runs, you will be able to login to the service with your University username (also known as SSO ID) and password.

I need help using this service. What do I do?

Login with your username and password. Click the "Help" button on the web interface. If the information there doesn't resolve your problem, call the Technology Support Center at (314) 516-6034.