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Password Examples

Password Security

Your UMSL SSO_ID works in conjunction with your password to identify your information and keep it secure. This basically your "key" to your electronic campus resources. So, just like a key you want to keep it secure and not give it out to other people.

Password rules for your SSO_ID

    • Must not contain SSO ID
    • At least eight characters (a-z)
    • At least three of the four:
      • At least one lowercase character (a-z)
      • At least one uppercase character (A-Z)
      • At least one digit (0-9)
      • At least one symbol (? . , ! _ - ~ $ % + =)

If you are struggling to come up with a good password, here are some examples and information to think about.

Here are some possible acceptable passwords.

    1. shortpass : Apples11
    2. medpass : Yello_Bee!
    3. longpass : This!slongpass1
    4. long2pass : Another1,longpass

How long it takes to crack these passwords.

    1. shortpass : Apples11
      • trivial, < 5 min dictionary attack, half of LM is blank
    1. medpass : Yello_Bee!
      • easy, ~2 days brute force, broken into two 7 character LM's
    1. longpass : This!!slongpass1
      • difficult, ~5e12 years brute force, no LM hash

Change your passphrase/password often!

Frequent passphrase/password changes are essential to protect the security of the University network. You may change your passphrase/password as often as you like. UMSL requires you to change your password every 180 days. You will receive an email reminder when it is time to change your password.

Password DO's and DON'Ts .

    • DO change your password often.
    • DO use different passphrases/passwords for different 'classes' of information you use, such as work, school, personal, and financial information.
    • DON'T use information that can be obtained about you, such as a license plate or phone number, or the names of children or pets.
    • DON'T use words found in the dictionary or two words separated by punctuation.
    • DON'T use passphrases/passwords with fewer than eight (8) characters.
    • DON'T use features that offer to 'remember your password'.
    • DON'T keep a 'default' password. Make your own!
    • DON'T write a username/password down and stick it on or keep it with the computer

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, it can be reset by going to https://password.umsl.edu.