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Register Your Computer at UMSL

All devices connecting to the UMSL Computer Network must be registered through our Network Access Control System (NAC). NAC is an important part of network security. It gives ITS a clear picture of our dynamic network while mitigating risks posed by vulnerable and compromised systems.

NAC is a system that inspects a computer before it is allowed on the regular network. It looks to see if the system meets our current security standards and has some basic security features like an up-to-date antivirus program.

Here is how it works:

    1. When your system is first connected to the network it is automatically given an IP Address on a secure network.

    2. You then register your system by entering your SSO_ID and password. Information about the system is associated with your account.

    3. Your computer will then download and run a scan utility that looks at your operating system version (Windows or Mac), your antivirus software, and the patch level of your system (is is up-to-date?). Scans will be done regularly by the agent to ensure compliance.

    4. If your system passes the test, your computer is automatically switched to the production network and you can reboot the system and access the network.

    5. If your system fails, you will be directed to a page that has links to assist you in updating your system. You may need to download and install updates. You may need to install and update your antivirus product. Because some updates require a reboot, the system may have to be rebooted several times.

Registering Guest Computers

Guests can use the options above to register after they have obtained a guest account.  Find more information about guest access at UMSL.