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Server and Data Classification

The University of Missouri System has implemented a Data Classification System. This system provides several benefits to the University. It allows an organization to inventory its information assets. In many cases, information asset owners aren't aware of all of the different types of data they hold. It also allows ITS to work with departments to develop specific security requirements that can be readily utilized.

Click to view the University Data Classification System for systems and applications.

What do I have to do?

To comply with this policy all University departments must classify the different servers they own according to the Data Classification System. This policy focuses primarily on Servers and not user workstations. These systems would include Web Servers, File Servers, Application/Database Servers, Print Servers, or any other Server type device that serves files to members of the University.

Once classified, departments should take appropriate action to ensure that DCS requirements are met whenever possible. To classify your server, please visit the Server Registry.

When filling out the above form, please provide as much information as possible with regards to what is installed and running on the server as well as the audience for this data. You will initially be responsible for classifying the data on this server.

If you have questions, or need help please email the Information Security Group at