Credit Courses:

  • All requests for ITV classes must be submitted to the Office of the Registar. Ad-hoc events can be scheduled through the 25 Live software.
  • The requesting department must make all arrangements including rooms and IP addresses at all sites of the course. The requesting department is required to provide the Instructional Support Services staff with all the necessary resources the instructor will be using during the course of the class.
  • All instructors new to the ITV rooms must complete an ITV training class prior to the start of the semester. Training is typically held 1-2 weeks prior to the start of classes. Instructors will be notified of training dates via email by ITS staff.

Ad Hoc Conferences:

  • All requests for ad hoc conferences must be submitted via 25 Live to the Registrar’s office. Questions concerning I.P. addresses or connection details should be submitted to
  • Each request must be on the UMSL ITV Ad Hoc Event Request Form
    All fields must be filled and form signed by requestor.


  • Conferences and courses pertaining to UMSL business and requested by UMSL employees may use the Instructional Support Services ITV rooms free of charge.
  • The requestor will always be responsible for charges from other sites, and other costs incurred for the conference, including all charges that occurred during test sessions. In the event the conference is cancelled, requester is responsible for all costs that were incurred. Please ask about charges at the time of request.
  • A lead time of at least 2 weeks may be necessary for charged ad-hoc events depending on resources, contracts, catering, etc. that may be required or requested.