As instructional technology moves forward it has become necessary for Faculty, Staff, and Students to be able to share the content from their laptops, tablets, and even phones to projectors and wall displays in classrooms and conference rooms.

No longer is that class or conference "tied-down" into sharing the room's lone computer or having to configure an array of cables to connect someone's device.

It is no longer just a convenience to be able to share a device's content to a projector or display in a wireless fashion, it has become a necessity.

Devices like the ScreenBeam and Apple TV have cut the cables and allowed wireless presentation.


ScreenBeam allows you to mirror the content on your favorite Windows, iOS and Android devices without apps, dongles or buttons.

Windows and macOS extended screen mode ensures content privacy while still able to use device to call, chat, and other actions.

In limited areas, contact Instructional Support at x6852 or email at for more information.