Social Sciences Building 103 (SSB 103)

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The Social Sciences Building 103

Over the course of the last couple of years we've continued to update the SSB 103 lab in phases as to limit the down time needed to complete a project of this size. We installed a new ceiling grid with modern lighting that was attractive as well as easier on the eyes. New carpet was installed along with new chairs and furniture. Behind the scenes, new data and electric runs were created as well as an improvement to your WiFi environment.

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In doing so, we've created a lab that offers better collaboration spaces for student-to-student and student-to-faculty interaction. We feel we've created an environment that overall is better to learn, study and interact in and that allows for a more comfortable flow around the tables for instructors and tutors.  Creative spaces have been introduced with both traditional whiteboards, modern white-board table tops, and moveable writing surfaces to help enhance the learning environment.

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We thank you for your feedback during this process and we invite to come see and experience our updated SSB 103 Lab! We would love to show it off with a tour of all these, and more features!

Instructional Support Services

 SSB 103 Before and After  

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