The following is a list of software that is installed on the Macs and Windows computers in the labs and classrooms on campus:

Academic Year 2021-2022

Windows Software Listing - Spring 2022

Macintosh Software Listing - Spring 2022

To Request Software:

Submit a request for ISS software Academic Year 22-23

Thank you for helping us by providing the best information possible!

All approved applications will only be installed prior to the start of the Fall semester (assuming vendor can deliver in time). You are responsible for testing your software before the first day of classes.  The electronic request form has a field for you to provide the best contact information and instructions for completing this task. 

If you would like for your students to have remote access to an application to perform homework or prepare for class, please request that software be made available on TritonApps and we will investigate whether vendor licensing would allow that and whether the application will work in this remote environment.  Also, if possible, please provide any specific use-case information that could be documented to justify additional costs that might be incurred to provide remote access.

PLEASE NOTE: The below requirements apply to all application requests.

  1. All applications installed and run on the PCs in the labs and classrooms must be software for Windows. Each must be a desktop application able to run in Windows 10 64-bit.  If the application is not available in a version Windows that can run in this environment, it will not be purchased or supported. All applications requested for the Macintosh platform must be OS Big Sur 11.6 compatible.

  2. All applications requested will be tested for hardware compatibility across the lab and classroom environment. The results of these compatibility tests may be used to determine whether or not the application is purchased for installation.

  3. All applications installed in the labs and classrooms must be network compatible and offer concurrent use licensing. No software will be purchased that requires registration on individual computer or requires a license for every workstation or user.

  4. If an application runs directly from a USB drive, or web page,  it may not require installation on the workstation prior to use. If an application will run directly from a cdrom without prior installation or configuration we will not install the software in our environment and will not house the software on our network servers. If you are unsure, go ahead fill out the software request form and it will be tested and you will be advised as to whether you can run the software directly from the cdrom without prior installation or configuration.

  5. The deadline for software requests includes all web browser plug-ins and application add-ins that you wish to use in your classroom. (For example, special Excel add-ins). This would also include any special configuration options you might require (application preference settings) for any specific software.

  6. It is important to remember that an application which works on your office computer, may not work in the labs and classrooms environment.   Testing is absolutely critical.

  7. All application requests for the UNIX/Linux servers will be tested using industry-standard practices.  Applications must be capable of utilizing a least-privilege security model.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact:

Instructional Support Services