Instructional Support Services hires from a diverse pool of candidates. ISS embraces the diversity and richness of our student’s backgrounds and perspectives which allows us to take advantage of these student’s diverse talents. We have found that diversity fosters a more creative and innovative workplace.

We would like to share with you ……”some of our student workers personal journeys”

I chose UMSL with the intention of joining the UMSL/WashU Joint-Engineering Program. I found out about it while at WashU attempting to join their Architecture Program through WashU University-College at Danforth not knowing they had Engineering at WashU University Day School. I was later accepted into UMSL after another brief stint at another College. I was enrolled immediately to the Joint Program upon attending UMSL. I solely wanted to focus on education so I quit my job to allow for more time as I made the jump from STLCC to UMSL. 

Later on in my UMSL career, I chose to get a part time job as Financial Aid was not enough for rent. I was fearful of a job that took too much of my time and I also wanted to make enough money to accommodate for the drive. An UMSL job seemed to be the perfect fit but I didn't know of what jobs were even available. I noticed a student unlocking ESH107 as I had CS1250 in that room and I thought, "I want that job." But I didn't know how to attain it. I later was talking to a friend I met through UMSL and the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity that had already graduated. He told me about a campus job that he worked at that was really easy and he thoroughly enjoyed his time there. He told me he would put in a good word for me as he was still in contact with one of the bosses. He then instructed me to go to SSB103 and fill out an application. I later got an email for an interview and mentioned that friend as a former employee. All went well and I began working as an UMSL student. I was fearful at first as I didn't know what to expect and it took me about a week to realize that the job wasn't as hard as the training initially seemed.

Almost 2 years later and I am now leaving the job as I have graduated. I was fortunate enough to have been promoted to the Senior Role that I greatly appreciated as it helped me gain real world knowledge and a lot of experience for future employers. I was able to save money on driving costs as I was already on campus for classes and it gave me an awesome opportunity to network with other students of different majors to finely tune my course selection. This job overall made my time here at UMSL far more enjoyable and I strongly believe that I was able to further grow as a person through these experiences. 

The staff has been the friendliest of any job I have previously had. I will greatly miss the staff, my fellow Seniors, and the consultants. This has truly been a rewarding experience and I am grateful for every opportunity that has come my way.


Choosing UMSL:

I wasn't sure where I would go to University after I got my associates at another College. My best friend during my time (the only friend I made in my 3 years there, and who happened to be in the same major as me as well) made me go to an UMSL tour with her and her mom on St. Patrick’s day 2014. I hadn't considered UMSL at the time but her mom was making her go on the tour and she made me go with her. What we saw of UMSL that day was overwhelming, but not negative. My friend decided that she was going to attend UMSL but I was still unsure. I had in my thoughts that I would go to another university because it is close to where I have lived most of my life. I graduated from college a semester before my friend and planned to take a semester off so we could start at University together.

Life took a turn on me and I was unable to return to school directly after my one semester off like I planned. My friend started at UMSL directly after she graduated from another College. She was awarded the Presidential Scholarship to UMSL that we were both eligible for and competing to receive. Less than two months into her first semester, she unexpectedly passed away. Autopsy revealed she had POTS, which effects your heart and blood pressure. She had been seeing doctors for years for issues related to her heart and blood pressure and she was never diagnosed. No one saw her death coming; it is the biggest shock I have had in my life so far. I had a lot going on in my life at the time and her death pushed me into a long severe depressed phase which went as far as resulting in my liver giving up and me losing over 30 pounds in just one month.

During the months of coping with her death I couldn't get myself to do anything, including apply for UMSL and FAFSA, so my one year off school turned into two years off school. When I hit my breaking point of hating my job/life at the time and feeling like it being now or never for going back to school, I looked into another University and UMSL again. One University offered me $500 in yearly scholarships. UMSL offered me $5000+ in yearly scholarships.

Wanting to finish the degree and path that my best friend had started to make her proud, and being offered an exceptionally larger amount in scholarships than the alternative choice, I chose UMSL. The continued scholarships are the main reason I have stayed at this school. But another big factor is the students here. At the other College it was so difficult to get people to talk to me, much less be my friend. Everyone was so self-absorbed.

At UMSL, everyone is constantly talking to each other and reaching out to each other. It is insane how many connections I have made at this school, and how fast my number of connections keeps growing. Life is all about who you know, and school is no different. Having friends makes classes SO much easier. Why give up what I have with my friends here? I chose to stay at UMSL.

Choosing ISS:

During my first semester at UMSL, I realized that no matter what I do, I spend the majority of each weeks days/hours on campus. I saw a hiring sign in SSB 103, asked the consultants working if they are allowed to work on homework during quiet times (they said yes) and I applied. If I'm going to spend all this time on campus, I might as well work here too if I can work it in my schedule. I got an interview. I told Dave and Christopher, who interviewed me, that I have no knowledge of computers or technology. None. I still don't know why I got hired; except maybe my customer service skills. 

After one semester on the job I got offered the Senior Consultant position, in time for summer break. Since I didn't receive an internship that summer, I took the promotion. And I have stayed because that is who I am as a person. I stay places. I don't like change. I get comfortable at a job and I don't leave until its a matter of my sanity (like when I left my serving jobs after 6 years). Not saying that I don't like this job; it's not bad. I have my days that I get aggravated and stressed and fed up, but I have more days that I don't feel like that. And honestly, the biggest part, is being able to do homework during quiet times. If that wasn't an option I wouldn't be working. The entire reason I have a job while in school is because I found one that allows homework time when everything else is taken care of. I hope you're not holding any of this against me.


I came to UMSL my sophomore year after I left another college I played football at. I chose UMSL for my education because I liked the engineering program they share with Wash U. This program will allow me to attend Wash U for ¼ of what the price it would normally be. I chose to work at the I.S. department because I felt like it would be a good place to learn some people skills. So far I have be correct and I now know how to talk to people better and to understand what other people are trying to relay to me. I started as a consultant but now I moved up some and I am in charge of the consultants when I work. This position has taught me huge responsibilities that will be very valuable once I graduate and start my career.


I chose UMSL due to the fact that it’s close to home, affordable, and convenient. I started my college journey at a local community college and earned an associate’s degree before making the easy transition to UMSL. By attending UMSL, I am able to commute from home and thus save thousands of dollars by not having to pay room and board every semester. In addition to the money saved on housing, UMSL graciously offered me a scholarship just for transferring with an associate’s degree from a community college.

As of October 2017, I have been working an on campus job within the instructional support service department. The ISS department is one of the most diverse departments here at UMSL and getting to work with so many students from across the globe is a really neat thing. UMSL has really brought about many new experiences, and given me opportunities that I would not have found elsewhere. Cost, convenience, and opportunity all played, and continue to play, a huge role in my decision for choosing UMSL.  


I chose UMSL because I needed to take a couple of classes to complete my prerequisites for Veterinary School. Being a Saint Louis native, I know how well-regarded this institution is. I was aware that the professors would challenge me and that I would possess the knowledge that I needed, and it was affordable.

I participated in the UMSL Bridge program as a teenager, so that made my decision easier, since I am semi-familiar with the campus.

Working in Instructional Support Services has been a great opportunity for me, because the hours are flexible with my school schedule, I am still able to study, and the pay rate was exceptional for a student position. I worked in a familiar position at the university from which I obtained my Bachelor’s degree, so it was nice to see how things worked on this campus compared to the other.

The staff here has been very open to my input, my questions, and I have also been able to receive more training that has not only helped me succeed on the job, but in the classroom as well.


While searching for colleges, my primary objective was to find a college that was inexpensive while providing an excellent education. My search led me to University of Missouri St. Louis. Specifically, UMSL offers a joint engineering degree with Washington University in St. Louis. The program’s inexpensive cost attracted me, while the opportunity to enroll in classes at Washington University sealed the deal. I decided to choose UMSL for the excellent education opportunities with relatively inexpensive costs.

As I became more involved on campus, I decided to apply for an on campus job. The job was an IT Instructional Support Consultant role in one of the computer labs. This work experience provided me with the opportunity to develop my problem solving skills in time sensitive situations. After excelling in the role, I was promoted to Senior Instructional Support Consultant. As a senior, my responsibilities grew. I am now in charge of managing a small group of consultants, which is extremely beneficial for my career. Managerial skills I learned at this job will help me in leadership roles further in my career. 


I had been accepted to four different Universities. My option was a high priced University out of state, but after my sister told me to choose the most affordable college. She said going to a high priced University was a huge gamble since I have zero experienced with college and the other University’s tuition was not cheap either. So I listened to her opinion and changed my mind and decided to go with UMSL. I feel like I made a right choice by choosing UMSL. This university is very affordable and very close to my home which I could save my money on housing cost. My plan right now is to graduate with a bachelor degree here at UMSL.

Why I work in ISS:

I know about ISS because of my sister. She was a former consultant here and she told me that working here is great, I could do homework and it's not as stressful compare to my previous job. So I decided to apply for this job. I started working here around July 2015, only a month after my high school graduation. I started out as a consultant, I met a lot of great diverse people and friends. After 2 years of working as a consultant, I finally promoted to Senior. At first, I don't want to become a senior role, because I don't like to boss around everyone/ my fellow consultants, that's not my personality but then I decided to try it out. As a senior, I learned a lot of important factors. I learned how to handle a situation, expanded more about computer skills and as well as learn how to be a good leader and communication. So far, this job is not just about pay and leave, but also I could learn a lot of skills and these skills will benefit me in the future.