Instructional Support Services is a division of Information Technology Services specially designed to provide support to all open classrooms and computing labs. Instructional Support Services manages the 13 open student computing labs, over 130 technology enabled classrooms and provides audiovisual resources to open classrooms for instructional use.

There are 13 open computing labs available to students on campus. Instructional Support Services has lab staff (consultants) available in 7 of the 13 open labs who will orient students to the available hardware and software, upon request. The consultants can also assist with many software issues, but they will not do student homework nor assist with programming problems. Students may use the computer labs for instruction on new and existing technologies available. Support is provided for MyGateway, Single Sign On ID and passwords. There are also short courses for students during the Fall and Spring Semesters. These courses are free and designed to introduce students to a variety of campus software and computing topics. Some labs do provide special services, such as assistance with Writing and Math.

Instructional Support Services has six types of classrooms that a course might meet in. All of these rooms have the ability to project the computer image from the instructor “station” to projector mounted systems, and include an amplified sound system, laptop ports along with the ability to play DVD/CD media.

As of June 3rd, 2013 UMSL has transitioned to 25 Live for ad-hoc scheduling. 25 Live is a website that allows faculty and staff members to view the class schedule for every Instructional Support classroom on campus and allows faculty and staff members to submit requests. This software also allows users to view details on classrooms and to select what hardware options they desire or to view the type of hardware that is available for each one of our rooms. To find out more information, please visit the Office of the Registrar's 25Live help page.

Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TECs)
TECs are room that host have individual networked computer stations for all students, and an instructor station. TECs can vary in size and hardware available. To see the complete list of available hardware for a room, visit 25 Live.

Learning Studios (TECs)
Learning Studios are innovative classrooms designed to help meet various pedagogical needs. The rooms feature flexible technology and room arrangements. These rooms typically include wireless laptops for student use along with an instruction podiums and computer. Learning studios also include wireless student laptops, Instructor station with Dual monitors, Smart Podiums or Boards along with Smart Software, and with a DVD/CD drive, multiple instructional points, multiple LCD projectors, advanced lighting and projector control systems, movable furniture, printer, digital document cameras, and advanced audio and visual systems. Visit 25 Live for complete hardware listings.

Stick rooms
Stick rooms have one networked computer station with a DVD/CD drive, a sound system, a ceiling-mounted data projector along with laptop and HDMI ports. Many of our stick rooms also include web cams.

Technology Enhanced Lecture Halls
Technology-enhanced lecture halls have the same basic configuration as stick rooms but have a much larger seating capacity. They are basically traditional lecture halls with an instructor station with DVD/CD drive, a sound system and a ceiling-mounted data projector.

Interactive two-way video classrooms
Interactive two-way video (ITV) classrooms are classrooms equipped to transmit and receive audio and video to and from a variety of sources. These rooms have an instructor station with DVD/CD drive, a sound system, ceiling-mounted data projector or LCD monitor and a document camera. ITV classrooms are available for instructional use and video conferencing.

Although specific configurations vary from location to location, TECs, Stick rooms, Technology Enhanced Lecture Halls, ITVs and computing labs are fully connected to UMSL's network and are Internet accessible. Again, visit 25 Live if you have any questions on the type of hardware available for any of Instructional Support Services rooms.