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This list highlights just a few of the key technology initiatives ITS is currently focused on delivering for the campus. 

Canvas Implementation

The LMS decision has been made and UMSL is moving to Canvas!  There is a transition plan in place to complete the setup and configuration and begin moving a few courses during the Spring term, and again over the Summer.  The plan is to work through the Fall semester to complete the transition.  Blackboard will still be in use until the end of the calendar year, but that's it.  All courses must be moved to Canvas by the end of December.  

New Buildings

It's exciting to see all the shiny new buildings and renovations going up all over campus, but that means a lot of work for ITS to make sure everything is wired up for communication within and outside of campus.  That includes wired networks, wireless networks, phone services, desktop computers, instructor workstations, software applications, .... the list goes on.  The new Optometry Clinic and Science Learning Building are up and running.  The new College of Business Administration building is well on its way to a fall semester opening and the Benton Hall renovation is ramping up.  ITS will be very busy with these projects for quite a while yet.