How do I start using my Google account?

To sync your Google password, please visit If you are unable to sync your password, please visit

You may access Google Drive by visiting, and log in using your address.

Gmail and Calendar apps are not available for
It is recommended that you use My Drive as a working personal space. Shared drives are suited for a collaborative shared experience.

You may not yet have been added to a Shared Drive. You can set up a Shared Drive with other members for team collaboration. All files added to the Shared Drive will be visible to members who have access to the Drive.
Files appear here when someone shares access to a file to you personally. Note: you cannot reshare files from this location without taking ownership by creating your own copy.

The Google Drive web app provides a link to install Google File Stream on your Windows or Mac computer. Once installed on your computer, you should log to the application using your address.

Google File Stream adds your Google Drive account as another drive on your computer, with separate folders for My Drive and Shared Drives. You add view and change files as you would any other files on your computer, and your changes will be synchronized with your Google Drive.

By default, the Google Drive files will not take up space on your computer's hard drive, unless you make specific files and folders available offline.

Please contact the Technology Support Center at 314-516-6034.