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Known Wireless Issues

Known Wireless Issues

University of Missouri - St. Louis strives to provide a secure networking environment for students, faculty, and staff. While other businesses/organizations offer "hot spots" that let users connect with any wireless-equipped device, the UMSL wireless network's basic requirements are somewhat stricter.

Users must install a VPN client that supports the IPSec protocol and group policy authentication. The Microsoft VPN client that comes with Windows 98 and up will not work because it does not support IPSec.

The Technology Support Center is unable to support wireless-enabled handheld computers (such as Palm or PocketPC).

Choosing a network card:
When choosing a network card, you should choose one of the popular brands such as Linksys, D-Link, or Belkin. You would be best to avoid lesser-known brands because their cards do not typically undergo the same rigorous testing and driver development as more popular brands.

If your network card does not work with the VPN client:
First, we recommend checking to see if there are any updated drivers from the card's manufacturer. If you are not familiar with updating drivers, please bring your laptop to the Technology Support Center for assistance.

Users of ZoneAlarm firewall software
Some users have been unable to connect while ZoneAlarm is installed, but disabled. It seems that the connection is being denied by the underlying TrueVector service. We suggest starting the ZoneAlarm program or uninstalling the program and the TrueVector service that accompanies it.

Notes on specific Wireless Adapters:

D-Link DWL-650+ AirPlus
This card worked right out of the box with no problems.

Linksys WPC11 - Wireless-B PC Card
This card has consistently failed to work right out of the box under Windows XP Home.
This is due to the software drivers' lack of support for the IPSec protocol. There are beta drivers available that should fix the problem. Please contact the TSC for assistance.

The University of Missouri - St. Louis provides this service to students for educational purposes. The university does not support online communications i.e. ICQ or online gaming.

Your university network connection is a privilege, not a right. Any abuse, misuse or violations of the Instructional Technology Services "Acceptable use Policy" will result in a loss of your privilege to use the university network for your personal computer.

For assistance, please visit the Technology Support Center
located in 211 Lucas Hall