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Wireless Home


Welcome to TritonNet, the UMSL wireless network. To get connected, you must register your computer with TritonNet. You will be able to browse the internet immediately after registration. The registration web page should open automatically the first time you try browsing the web from a wireless connection.

You still need to login to the VPN Client if you want access to secure resources, such as your network storage space. For complete step-by-step intructions on how to connect on your wireless desktop or laptop, go to Knowledge@umsl ( and type keyword "wireless".

Wireless Internet Access is available in several locations across campus. To find out the areas that have access click on a building below for the layout of the building. Areas with wireless internet access will be displayed in green.

North Campus:
Millennium Student Center (MSC)
Mark Twain
Thomas Jefferson Library
JC Penny Building
University Center
Social Science Business Building
Express Scripts Hall
Lucas Hall
Research Building
Benton Hall
Stadler Hall
Center for Nano Science
Woods Hall
Fine Arts Building
General Service Building
Clark Hall
Millennium Garage
Campus Police/Gallery 210

South Campus:
Bellerive Hall
Kathy J. Weinman Children Advocacy Center
Education Administration Building
E. Desmond Lee Technology & Learning Center
Ward E. Barnes Library
Marillac Hall
Seton Hall
Oaks Hall
Normandie Hall
South Campus Classroom
South Campus Computer Building