Teach in 12 allows select teacher candidates* who already hold an undergraduate degree to pursue an accelerated curriculum and earn a teaching certificate in 12-15 months, depending on the desired program.

*Candidates must pass the appropriate Missouri Content Assessment prior to admission.


A fast track to certification

The Teach in 12 program ensures that teacher candidates activate their existing knowledge and previous experience in ways that directly address the requirements for teacher certification in Missouri. Advisors and faculty guide teacher candidates through an efficient sequence of courses while effectively preparing them to successfully complete the State’s examinations.

A clear path to a real career

Teacher candidates achieve real student learner outcomes with actual K-12 learners in clinical experiences that place them in schools and community agencies. New educators graduate the Teach in 12 program fully prepared to positively impact students in any educational context and ready to transform any school where they are hired.

Powerful practicum experiences

Studio Schools are located in a wide variety of settings throughout the St. Louis region. Working together, the UMSL College of Education and its school partners are impacting student learning while promoting educator quality, advancing professional development, expanding collaboration, and fostering innovation.

The most innovative program in Missouri

The concepts of Responsive Design™ empower candidates and learners to reshape ordinary schools into hubs of innovation and design thinking. Plus, UMSL puts Apple iPad tablets in the hands of all teacher candidates during their practicum semesters to ensure that new teachers are prepared to work effectively in "one-to-one" settings where technology is abundant.