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Those who have a Bachelor of Fine Art studio art degree may be eligible to earn Missouri Teacher Certification in art education through this program.

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Admission Requirements

  • A passing score on the designated Missouri Content Examination
  • A 2.75 or higher overall GPA
  • Approved results of the Family Care Safety Registry
  • A clear TB test or chest x-ray, if appropriate
  • Students must meet the application deadlines set by the Graduate School

K-12 Art Education Certification Courses

Course Title Hours
ART ED 5228 Foundation and Classroom Application of Art Education (on campus only) 2
ART ED 5260 Museum Collections in the K-12 Curriculum (on campus only) 2
TCH ED 5000 Experiencing the Classroom1 1
TCH ED 5310 Instructional Design (online) 3
TCH ED 5311 Foundations of Education (online) 3
ED PSY 6222 Advanced Studies in Child and Adolescent Development (online) 3
TCH ED 5001 Advanced Mid-Level Clinical Experience: Diverse Learners2 1
TCH ED 5312 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas (online) 3
SPEC ED 6412 Psychology of Exceptional Children (online) 3
ART ED 5273 Advanced Methods and Curriculum Development of Teaching Art (on campus only) 3
SEC ED 5995 Practicum I: Site-based Experiences in Art 2
SEC ED 5996 Practicum II: Site-based Experiences in Art 8
Total Hours 34
1 Class meets 5 evenings with one full day in the classroom or 5 daytime sessions instructing high school students.
2 Class meets 3-4 evenings and includes 20 hours of field experience with a community agency.

Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments

Clinical Experiences

  • 20 clock hours working in a community agency
  • 2 site-based practicum courses immersed in a Studio School
  • Practicum One: 2 days per week working as a Triton Teacher
  • Practicum Two: 4 days per week working as a Triton Teacher

Unique Resources and Innovations

  • Launch session to build community, provide early guidance, and share essential information
  • Grand Seminars and Collaborative Exchanges throughout the practicum experiences
  • Download Art Education Infosheet (PDF)


Applicants for any post-baccalaureate certification program must already hold a bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.75 cum GPA.

Any teacher candidate aspiring to enter the “Teach in 12” accelerated path must first pass the Missouri Content Assessment appropriate to her or his area of certification.