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Recycling at UMSL

How to Recycle at UMSL

Got a question about the 3 R's?

Contact the UMSL Sustainability team at for more information about waste reduction efforts on campus.

"Recyclemania" is now called the Campus Race to Zero Waste (CR2ZW)!

Campus Race to Zero Waste

Every year, UMSL participates in the national Recyclemania competition:

Where to Recycle ON Campus

Centralized trash & recycling bins are slowly being deployed to office suites across campus. Contact the UMSL Sustainability Office if you're interested in helping with this project!

You'll also find recycling bins in common areas, like hallways and lounges. If you see a public space where bins are needed, please fill out this form to request a recycling bin.

Where to Recycle OFF Campus

There are numerous recycling drop-off centers close to campus. Click here for a map of the nearest recycling drop-off locations. You can also visit for more information!

How Single-Stream Works on Campus

Recycling at UMSL is easy! We have "single stream" recycling on campus. Single-stream (also known as “commingled” or "single-sort") recycling refers to a system in which all paper fibers, plastics, metals, and other containers are mixed together, instead of being sorted into separate commodities and handled separately throughout the collection process.  To learn more about how our trash & recycling hauler processes recyclables in single stream collection, click here to check out their video.

At UMSL, when the recycling bins inside the buildings are emptied, all recyclables are now placed in the Republic Services recycling dumpster can outside, usually near the the building's loading dock area. The recycling can has a WHITE lid, which distinguishes it from the trash dumpster.

If your building needs a recycling bin, please fill out this form.

What is Surplus Property?  Surplus Property is a part of the Procurement Services Department and is responsible for the disposal, re-distribution, and/or sale of used equipment/property that the University of Missouri and other Mid-Missouri government agencies and educational institutions no longer use. It's a great example of reuse here on campus.

Want purchase something from Surplus? Check out when public sales are held and who can purchase from Surplus Property.

Got something to get rid of? Questions about disposing of government property?  Check in with the UMSL Surplus team about the Surplus Property Procedures.

Getting rid of something?

Think before you throw! Check out our page on other waste reduction efforts for even more items that can be reused or recycled at UMSL!

Don't forget about Surplus Property!

Check in with the UMSL Surplus team about the Surplus Property Procedures and check out when public sales are held and who can purchase from Surplus Property.