Applications for the Triton Childcare Fund are live now for Fall 2020! 

To be eligible for the Triton Childcare Fund, students must be able to answer "yes" to all of the following questions:

695484_check_512x512.png Are you an enrolled, degree seeking UMSL student?

695484_check_512x512.png Are you either receiving a PELL grant or are PELL grant eligible?

695484_check_512x512.png Are you the parent or legal guardian of a child between the ages of six weeks and twelve years old?

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The Triton Childcare Fund will provide childcare subsidies to eligible, enrolled UMSL students for the day and/or evening care at the UMSL University Child Development Center (UCDC). The goal of the Triton Childcare Fund is to increase student parents’ accessibility to safe, consistent, and high-quality childcare while they pursue their academic goals and progress through their degree programs.

The Triton Childcare Fund may be used for childcare provided by the University Child Development Center (UCDC) as part of their regular program. This includes care for children aged 6 weeks to five years as availability allows. Children will participate in developmentally appropriate UCDC curriculum and adhere to all UCDC policies.

NEW! Evening Care
The Triton Childcare Fund may be used for the newly established evening care program. UMSL student parents may be eligible for evening care if they are enrolled in at least once evening course. The evening care program can accommodate children beginning at age three up to 12 years of age. Children must be fully toilet trained.

Evening care will be offered Monday-Thursday from 5pm-9pm during fall and spring semesters. Evening care will not be offered during breaks or during summer semester at this time. Children will be provided a light dinner, outdoor and homework time, and will be supervised by qualified UCDC teachers and staff. 

Students and faculty not covered under the Triton Childcare Fund may also be eligible for enrollment as space allows. Priority will be given to TCF recipients. 

Eligibility for the Triton Childcare Fund

Applicants must be:

  • Enrolled UMSL students
  • PELL Grant recipients or PELL Grant eligible
  • A parent or legal guardian of a child between the ages of six weeks up to twelve years

How does the application process work?
All applications will be received and reviewed by a small committee consisting of the Director of the UCDC, Director of Student Social Services and an Educator Preparation and Leadership faculty member. Applications will be considered based on eligibility but participation in the program is not guaranteed.

Application process will include submission of:

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2020. Applications received by July 15th, 2020 will be reviewed for eligibility and funding based on current openings. Applications received after July 15th, 2020 will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

More information on retrieving your FAFSA Student Aid Report.

More information on converting files to PDF for easy online submission.

To access a printable PDF application, click here.

Funding will be considered based on the following:
  • Eligibility requirements (above)
  • Financial need
  • Number of enrolled credit hours
  • Campus employment, if applicable
  • Age appropriate availability in the UCDC for the student’s child

Utilization of a sliding fee scale will provide families with the greatest need the highest subsidy level. By submitting an application, students give permission for Triton Childcare Fund staff to access personal financial and academic information through UMSL’s Financial Aid and Registrar’s Office to determine eligibility. Changes in enrollment, credit hours, or financial status may reduce or forfeit funding.

Applications for Fall 2020 are live now!

The Triton Childcare Fund is funded through a federal grant called Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS). The goal of the CCAMPIS program is to assist with childcare expenses so that student parents may remain enrolled and persist toward earning their degree. To ensure future grant funding and promote student parent success, participants must complete all program requirements within the contract year to continue receiving services. Once awarded, funding is subject to ongoing review.

Participants must:
  • Volunteer five hours per semester in the UCDC
  • Pay monthly copayment for child care provided
  • Complete program/service evaluations as requested
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress each term (GPA 2.0+)
  • Notify Triton Childcare Fund of any changes in UMSL enrollment, credit hours, or financial status
  • Adhere to all University Child Development Center policies

Minimum Enrollment
Children participating in day care must attend a minimum of three hours twice per week. Children in evening care must attend a minimum of one hour twice per week. This will ensure that children have the ability to engage in quality programming as well as transition with minimal difficulty.