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Students Who Are Parents (SWAP)

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UMSL is committed to supporting students who have children by creating opportunities, connections, and services on the UMSL campus and in the surrounding community through the Students Who Are Parents (SWAP) group. Parenting is a tough job! Many of our students parent, work, and juggle many other competing priorities. SWAP aims to create a cohesive and supportive community of scholars that understand the unique experience of their parenting peers.

We know that juggling parenting and school can be a challenge but, you can stay connected virtually. Join the many other UMSL students who are parents as you make your way towards accomplishing your goals.

Find us on Facebook at

You can also stay connected with peer and stay up on the latest events by visiting our Triton Sync!

Remember we are here to support you.

SWAP is spearheaded by Ashley Johnson - a parent, student and UMSL professional. In an effort to continue building this initiative we welcome any feedback or suggestions. Please contact Ashley with any questions at

Parent Cafe

SWAP is excited to host a series of engaging and informative luncheons for student parents. This is a time for student parents to share a meal and gather for meaningful and reflective conversations that promote parent leadership and collaboration.

Past Parent Cafe themes included:

The Parent Cafe model has been shown to:

Sound like something you could use? Know a fellow Triton that might enjoy this? Contact Ashley Johnson for more information:

Check back for Fall 2018 dates!

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