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From leadership to cultural to just plain fun, student organizations at UMSL make it easy to get involved. Students who join student organizations make new friends, learn new skills, and perform better in classes. Plus with over 120 student orgs on campus there's something for everyone!

Want to find an organizations for your interests, or maybe discover a new passion? Start today and find a student org that will help you learn, grow, and succeed at UMSL and beyond. 

Browse Organizations

Whether you have questions about how to host an event, how to budget for your org, or even how to start your own student organization, we have the training and resources to help. 

Organization Resources

Are you an advisor for a student org and have questions about how to help your students succeed or looking to take on the role of advisor? We have answers and resources for you.

Advisor Resources

Why Join a Student Organization?

Gain Valuable Skills

Student's involved in co-curricular activities also gain valuable skills  suchs as management, budgeting, collaboration, training, conferences, event planning, logistics, communication, conflict management, and much more! 

Get Involved on Campus

Almost 400 programs are sponsored or co-sponsored by 120 student organizations each year. Joining an org makes it easy to keep your finger on the pulse of UMSL, network with other students and professionals, and have fun.

Better Grades

Students involved in organizations and activities outside the classroom tend to perform better academically. Student leaders at UMSL have a higher grade point average than the all-campus average.

Learn and Grow

Members of student organizations also have the opportunity to attend trainings and programs centered around these topics to enhance their organization and experience at UMSL.