Every October at the University of Missouri - St. Louis is LGBTQ+ History Month!

Founded in 1994 by UMSL graduate student, Rodney Wilson, the month serves to celebrate both the history of our LGBTQ+ elders and the promise of a more inclusive LGBTQ+ future. October 11th is National Coming Out Day, an annual awareness day that encourages making the personal, political and life decision of living as an "out" individual. Each year, the Office of Student Involvement - LGBTQ+ & Diversity Initiatives works hard to plan and execute a month of LGBTQ+ related programming that is interesting, accessible, and supportive to our students, staff, faculty, and community members.

2021 LGBTQ+ History Month Schedule

2021 LGBTQ+ History Month Sponsors: Campus Recreation and Wellness Center | Career Services | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences | Gender Studies | Honors College | Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | PRIZM: Queer-Trans-Straight Student Alliance | State Historical Society of Missouri | University Program Board

Outburst Poster

LGBTQ+ History Month Kick-Off Event

For 2021, the Office of Student Involvement - LGBTQ+ & Diversity Initiatives established Outburst: Student Works Showcase and Open Mic. At this event, LGBTQ+ students and allies made history as they shared their paintings, digital art, short stories, essays and more. Each of these pieces will be archived in the State Historical Society of Missouri archives for future students, researchers, archivists and more to recall. It is important that we all recognize the power we hold in making history each and every day. It is UMSL's hope that this event returns next year to present another opportunity for students to showcase their talents and passions. Please read the article written by UMSL Daily about the 2021 event: UMSL kicks off LGBTQ+ History Month programming with Outburst talent show.

Tie Dye and Talk poster

National Coming Out Day Event

In a collaborative effort between UMSL Honors College, Pierre Laclede Honors College Student Association (PLHCSA), Prizm: Queer-Trans-Straight Student Alliance, and LGBTQ+ & Diversity Initiatives, Tie Dye & Talk presented an opportunity for students, staff and faculty to learn about the difficulty and power of Coming Out as LGBTQ+ while creating a fun bleach dyed clothing item. This event was meant to educate and and foster discussion around the journey LGBTQ+ folks face in showing the world their true selves while creating a tangible memory in the form of clothing to be worn around campus.

Sports are Universal Poster

All Tritons Can Play

A first ever event, Sports Are Universal was created as an effort to establish a collaboration between LGBTQ+ students and athletics. Not only did athletics jump on board as a promoter of the event, UMSL Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, and the Sports Management Department become sponsors, hosts, and collaborative partners. Through the success of the LGBTQ+ History Month Kickball Classic, Sports Are Universal is expected to become a recurring event for students, staff and faculty to engage with on a monthly basis. This fun, friendly, and inclusive event aims to show all tritons they can play sports!