Leadership Discovery Summit

The UMSL Leadership Discovery Summit is a annual one day leadership conference, free of charge to all UMSL students, hosted by the Office of Student Involvement. The Leadership Discovery Summit will provide for UMSL students an in-depth conference style experience designed to deliver effective strategies for critical thinking and both personal and organizational development. This conferene was designed for individuals who are seeking to enhance their leadership skills and for individals who may have no leadership experience at all. The Office of Student Involvement strives to introduce our UMSL students to pioneers and prominent thinkers in the area of leadership.The Planning Committee is currently seeking program proposals for this year's conference. 

If you have any questions about the Leadership Discovery Summit, please contact Xavier Blackwell at blackwellx@umsl.edu or 314-516-5217.

2019 Leadership Discovery Summit Schedule – Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Leadership Discovery Summit is structured on the Social Change Model. Change means improving the status quo, creating a better world, and demonstrating a comfort with transition and ambiguity in the change process. Breakout sessions are 50 minutes long at the following times:

  • Breakout Session #1: Individual Values (11:10am-12:00pm)

Session ideas focus on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, decision making, leadership congruence, identifying leader's passions, etc.

  • Breakout Session #2: Group Values (1:00pm-1:50pm)

Session ideas focus on collaboration, developing a common purpose, controversy with civility, etc.

  • Breakout Session #3: Societal Values (2:00pm-2:50pm)

All sessions will be held on the 3rd floor of the Millennium Student Center



MSC 3rd Floor


Leadership Discovery Panel Discussion

MSC Century Rooms


Breakout Session #1

MSC 3rd Floor


Keynote Speaker & Lunch

MSC Century Rooms


Breakout Session #2

MSC 3rd Floor


Breakout Session #3

MSC 3rd Floor



MSC Century Rooms