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Level 3: Immediate Threat

Whenever there is an immediate threat to the safety of any person, you should always contact the Campus Police immediately at (314) 516-5155. This includes behavior that could be classified as unlawful harassment, stalking, or a death threat. After a disruptive incident has occurred and a report has been taken, the Campus Police customarily involves Student Affairs, Student Conduct and Community Standards, and Counseling Services, and other campus offices in responding to the incident. You can expect these and other offices to provide appropriate consultation and assistance on an ongoing basis where a serious problem has occurred. When an incident is sufficiently serious and attracts media attention, senior officers of Student Affairs and Campus Police will take the lead in communicating with the press, in conjunction with Media Relations and other appropriate offices.

Important Phone Numbers

Campus Police (emergency) (314) 516-5155
Student Conduct and Community Standards (314) 516-5211
Vice Provost for Student Affairs (314) 516-5211
Counseling Services (314) 516-5711
Academic Affairs (314) 516-5371

Adapted from the University of Southern California's Disruptive & Threatening Student Behavior: Guidelines for Faculty and Staff. Their guidelines can be found at USC Guidelines.