Irma R. 

"Working full-time and taking full courses at UMSL all while balancing a 1st and 3rd grader remotely has absolutely been a challenge. I had to shift overnight in order to prioritize all that was happening in my life all at once. I was glad that professors at UMSL were understandable and always offered support in any way that they could. I found myself juggling working remotely all while assisting my kids with their Zoom times. It was crazy to say the least! But, we pulled through and we also made sure to slow down and have some fun. We would go outside and spend as much time outdoors as possible. Being inside on the computer for a majority of the day was not the healthiest environment, so I made sure that we stepped outside frequently. Arts and crafts became our best friend as well! We implemented P.E., art, and music to the best of our abilities. I would say that after all, my kiddos and I pulled through great! It was hectic for me at first, but being able to spend more time with my kids was the ultimate win during this pandemic."