Angel D.

"This semester I've faced many different challenges, with one being juggling homework and my classes while trying my best to make sure my son, Malachi, is getting the adequate love and attention he needs. I've made several sacrifices to make sure I can properly stay afloat, even if that meant waiting an extra day or 2 to do laundry. Although I like to stay on top of these types of things, I had to tell myself, "my son wouldn't care if I miss laundry day, but me taking the time to read him his favorite story would mean the world to him!" It seems that these days I'm on my Chromebook often doing homework or checking my email. During these times my son never fails to be right by my side. He's learned that mommy's on the computer, so he calls it "PUTER". After a long and drawn-out assignment on my "PUTER", I make sure that when I'm finished, he and I have a mini photoshoot from my Chromebook's camera. I've included a picture of him (extremely happy) and I (half exhausted from doing homework) in my story.

With all being said, I must mention the tremendous amount of support we've received from the UMSL community. A couple of weeks ago, I'd received a postcard in the mail from UMSL letting me know that I have their support and to keep going. This meant so much to me I put it on my refrigerator! Thank you UMSL for all that you do and for your continuous support to all student parents!"