Triton childcare fund

Childcare Assistance for UMSL Student Parents 

The Triton Childcare Fund is funded through a federal grant called Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS). The purpose of the Triton Childcare Fund is to provide childcare subsidies to eligible, enrolled UMSL students for childcare at the UMSL University Child Development Center (UCDC) or at another requested and approved child care center of the student's choosing. The goal of the Triton Childcare Fund is to increase student parents' accessibility to safe, consistent, and high-quality childcare while they pursue their academic goals and progress through their degree programs. 

To be eligible for the Triton Childcare Fund, students must be able to answer "yes" to all of the following questions:

695484_check_512x512.png Are you an enrolled, degree seeking UMSL student?

695484_check_512x512.png Are you either receiving a Pell Grant or are Pell Grant eligible?

695484_check_512x512.png Are you the parent or legal guardian of a child between the ages of six weeks and twelve years old?

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How will this support your family?

  • Provides you with a childcare subsidy which can significantly reduce the out-of-pocket costs of childcare. 
  • Provides you with access to on-campus childcare at the UCDC, a licensed and nationally accredited childcare facility. You will be comfortable knowing that while you are persisting toward earning your degree, your child is being provided care at a center which strives to provide a rich, warm, and supportive environment. 
  • Allows you to attend class, meet with professors, study, utilize campus resources, participate in extracurricular activities and receive academic support.    
  • Provides referrals to connect you and your family to university and community resources and services. 



Program Details

The Triton Childcare Fund is funded through a federal grant called Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS). The goal of the CCAMPIS program is to assist with childcare expenses so that student parents may remain enrolled and persist toward earning their degree. To ensure future grant funding and promote student parent success, participants must complete all program requirements within the contract year to continue receiving services. Once awarded, funding is subject to ongoing review. 


Beginning at the start of the Fall 2020 semester, UMSL's Triton Childcare Fund expanded the current program to allow the Triton Childcare Fund childcare subsides to be used at approved, licensed and accredited childcare centers. Previously, student parents were only allowed to use these funds for childcare at the on-campus University Child Development Center (UCDC). However, as many courses moved to online formats and due to the fact that many UMSL students are commuters, the program was expanded to better serve student-parents and allow them the option to request to use a licensed and accredited childcare facility that will be best fit for their families. See more information below.

Applicants must be:

  • Enrolled UMSL students
  • PELL Grant recipients or PELL Grant eligible
  • A parent or legal guardian of a child between the ages of six weeks up to five years

Application process will include submission of:

  • A completed Triton Childcare Fund application
  • The decision letter from a completed State of Missouri Child Care Subsidy Program application (Illinois residents will have to apply for the Illinois Child Care Subsidy Program). See below for more details regarding the State Subsidy application requirement
  • Financial Aid Award Letter to show proof of Pell Eligibility
  • Upcoming semester UMSL class schedule
  • Completed request form if you are choosing to request a childcare facility other than the UCDC.

All applications will be received and reviewed by a small committee consisting of the Director of the UCDC, Director of Student Advocacy & Care and an Educator Preparation and Leadership faculty member. Applications will be considered based on eligibility but participation in the program is not guaranteed.

State Subsidy Application Requirement:

In order to receive a childcare subsidy through the Triton Childcare Fund, it is required that you apply for the Missouri Child Care Subsidy Program (  Illinois residents, please apply for Illinois Childcare Subsidy. After you submit this application you will need to submit a copy of your approval or denial for this subsidy. Again, this is required in order to receive a subsidy from the Triton Childcare Fund as it is used to determine your Triton Childcare Award amount. Please note: if you are denied by the state, you are still eligible to receive a subsidy through the Triton Childcare Fund. 

Triton Childcare Fund award amount will be considered based on the following: 

  • Eligibility requirements (above)
  • Financial need
  • State subsidy decision
  • Number of enrolled credit hours
  • Campus employment, if applicable
  • The rates at your childcare facility

Utilization of a sliding fee scale will provide families with the greatest need the highest subsidy level. By submitting an application, students give permission for Triton Childcare Fund staff to access personal financial and academic information through UMSL’s Financial Aid and Registrar’s Office to determine eligibility. Changes in enrollment, credit hours, or financial status may reduce or forfeit funding.

Applications for Spring 2021 are live now!

Participants must:

  • Pay monthly copayment for child care provided
  • Complete program/service evaluations as requested
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress each term (GPA 2.0+)
  • Notify Triton Childcare Fund of any changes in UMSL enrollment, credit hours, or financial status
  • Adhere to all childcare center policies 
  • Volunteer hours may also be required

Minimum Enrollment at the UCDC (also recommended for other centers) 
Children participating in day care must attend a minimum of three hours twice per week. Children in evening care must attend a minimum of one hour twice per week. This will ensure that children have the ability to engage in quality programming as well as transition with minimal difficulty. 


Childcare Provider Options 

University Child Development Center

After completing the application for the Triton Childcare Fund, if you would like to enroll your child in the University Child Development Center, click the button below and complete the application. Please note, Triton Childcare Fund applicants are not required to pay the $25 application fee. 

UCDC APplication

Guidelines and Instructions on Requesting a Childcare Facility: 

  • Student parents must visit and/or contact providers to ensure availability, pricing information, and overall quality. Students must initiate the conversation about using their Triton Childcare Fund (CCAMPIS) subsidy at the prospective center. 
  • Childcare centers MUST be licensed and accredited.
  • We encourage you to use the Child Care Center Checklist when visiting providers, and to review provider policies and procedures before making a selection. 
  • Our program can assist eligible students with a one-time application or registration fee. 
  • After completing your Triton Childcare Application, please complete the childcare provider request form below. Request forms do not guarantee approval. Approval is based on the center’s licensure, accreditation, and willingness to participate. 

Contact Us
For more information about the Triton Childcare Fund, please contact: 
Emmy Naes, Program Coordinator