Student Advocacy & Care uses a case management model to serve students that are experiencing life issues, hardships, or unmet needs that impede their ability to be a successful student.

We approach each student as a unique individual on a unique path. We are available to help students identify resources they may need, and help them make community and campus connections to secure them. 

What can I expect from case management?

Case management begins with an initial intake appointment. Your appointment will take place in a private office or over the phone. A social worker gathers comprehensive information, identifies your current stressors, concerns and challenges. We'll also review potential sources of support and personal strengths. From there, we help create a plan of action and set goals. Our focus is on connecting students to the resources they need and being supportive and assistive. 

Students may meet with the social worker only once, or multiple times - there is no limit. Social workers will tailor their recommendations to your specific situation, concerns, and strengths. Social workers can help you connect with other resources on and off campus and check in to ensure they were successful for you.

Some challenges we've assisted students with:

  • Homelessness
  • Food insecurity 
  • Public assistance applications
  • Accessing healthcare

If you would like to meet with a social worker, please request assistance