Vaccine Information

Local/County Health Departments follow the Missouri State Department of Health and Senior Services phased roll out of the vaccine. While the university is not in the position to mandate that all faculty, staff and students receive a vaccination, we do stress the importance of receiving a vaccination to protect both your individual health and that of our community.

Throughout the country, the vaccine is being distributed in phases with some phases including multiple tiers. The distribution and the flow of the vaccine availability is controlled by county, state and federal health officials, who also decide when a particular group will be able to get vaccinated. Please check the county and state websites for the most up-to-date information about the progress through the priority groups and how they will be defined as supplies become available. The current phased approach in Missouri includes: 

Phase Vaccination Group Launch
Phase 1-A Priority Populations: Health Care Workers, Long-Term Care Facility Residents December 14, 2020
Phase 1-B, Tier 1 First Responders, Emergency Services, and Public Health Infrastructure January 14, 2021 
Phase 1-B, Tier 2 High-Risk Individuals January 14, 2021 
Phase 1B, Tier 3 Critical Infrastructure March 15, 2021
Phase 2 Equity and Economic Recovery March 29, 2021
Phase 3 Remaining Unvaccinated April 9, 2021


Missouri has determined that higher education faculty and staff as a whole will be part of Phase 2 distribution. Most students are expected to be included in Phase 3. However, the university encourages each individual to review the phases/tiers to identify their potential eligibility to join an earlier phase, which may change based on individual job responsibilities or health circumstances.

It is important to note that just because a state has opened a given phase/tier, the supply of vaccines remains limited with many vaccination sites having no active supply.

How to get the vaccine

Individual Initiated: Individuals who believe they are vaccine-eligible in a given phase can make an appointment with a health provider or contact their local health agency (Missouri Directory, Illinois Directory). Note that most local health departments have an online Vaccine Registration Survey allowing them to contact, screen and approve individuals according to phase.

Community Initiated: Individuals may identify a community vaccination event and sign up to be screened and approved according to phases open. UMSL will actively work to hold such an event or series of events on our campus should vaccine supply and distribution allow for widescale vaccination events.

UMSL Human Resources in consultation with the Campus Health Officer may identify positions that meet the criteria in initial phases such as those in healthcare positions and first responders. However, it is each individual's responsibility to review each phase to determine their own eligibility for the vaccination.

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to pursue vaccination opportunities within the county/state they reside and work in addition to those within the greater St. Louis region.




Many local pharmacies are also participating in distributing vaccines:


While the vaccine will become an additional tool in the fight against COVID-19, it will take time before it protects the general population. Continued vigilance and adherence to social distancing, face coverings and practicing safe hygiene will be essential throughout the semester.