Active, Confirmed Cases as of THURSDAY, october 21, 2021: 7 students, 2 employees

Active cases will be reported on this site weekly. Reported data includes confirmed cases disclosed to the university by a student, faculty or staff member and represents the number of individuals associated with the university community who are currently infected with COVID-19 and are considered contagious. This data does not represent new positive tests in a given two week period, only active known cases during that time. Because the minimum time an individual is considered active is ten days, reported data may include the same individual across at least two weeks. Data includes those individuals associated with the university community who may be engaged in 100 percent online learning or 100 percent remote working. All individuals with a confirmed case have been instructed to self-isolate or self-quarantine and not return to the university until cleared to do so by the Campus Health Official. View Missouri COVID-19 Dashboard: The Spread of COVID-19 in Missouri

Communicating Reported Cases

The health, safety and well-being of our university is paramount to our community and our shared goal continues to be to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, the university is committed to protecting the personal privacy of all individuals within our community. The identity of an individual confirmed positive for COVID-19 will be kept confidential and not disclosed to the general public or university community. However, the university may share notifications of positive COVID-19 cases under the following circumstances:

If that condition is met and the reported case involves a community member known to have physically occupied a university owned or managed property and who is known to have been in close contact (physically maintaining less than six feet of distancing for more than 15 minutes) with others within our community:

  • A direct notification will be sent to specific individuals if public health officials or university officials have been provided with contact information for those believed to have had risk of exposure through our limited campus contact tracing efforts or through Saint Louis County Public Health’s official contact tracing efforts.
  • On a case-by-case basis, the Campus Health Officer may issue a unit-level or campus-wide notification should public health officials or university officials believe a broader group of individuals in one or more locations may have had significant exposure or close contact to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

The university will keep the individual’s identity confidential and will not identify personally identifiable information in notifications. However, specific employees in Health Services, Human Resources and Academic Affairs will have access to this information in order to assist with contact tracing, and providing educational or workplace accommodations.

Human Resources and Health, Counseling and Disability Access Services are responsible for communicating information on confirmed cases. Individual employees, faculty members, supervisors, students, staff and college, school or divisions should not communicate any confirmed cases to respect the personal privacy of individuals in our community. Doing so would infringe on FERPA and HIPPA requirements.

Under state law, local health departments have jurisdiction in all public health matters. UMSL relies on public health officials to determine protocols for how to respond to and communicate confirmed cases to faculty, staff, students and the broader community. These protocols guide campus health authorities’ assessment of positive cases as well as initiation of contact tracing to determine with whom an individual may have come into close contact with. Given these protocols and privacy safeguards, the university may have limited information about those who have tested positive from local health officials and individual health providers.

UMSL will continue to take action to monitor and protect the health and safety of our campus community. We remind everyone to remain vigilant and follow university safety expectations.