August 20, 2020 - Start Safe, Stay Safe: Tritons follow safety signage


Tritons follow safety signage.

As you return to campus, you'll notice safety signage has been installed in areas throughout the university. From directional signage to those indicating face covering requirements in buildings, we ask that all Tritons come together to meet the requirements necessary to keep our community safe. 

Please take a moment to review a sample of the safety signage you can expect. And, let’s all do our part to follow the guidelines.

  • Face covering requirements will be posted on the entryway doors for each building.
  • Entryways into buildings, classrooms and offices open/spaces to the public may be marked with enter or exit only requirements.
  • Where lines may form, floor markings will indicate where to stand to ensure six feet of physical distancing. 
  • Directional signage marked on floors will indicate one-way traffic patterns. 
  • Stairwells may be marked for one-way traffic flow, whether up or down. 
  • Signs will indicate the need to maintain physical distancing, avoid overcrowding and yield elevator usage to those with mobility needs.
  • Signs in restrooms will include information on proper hand washing.
Water fountains will not be available, however touchless bottle refill stations will be available.

It is important for all Tritons follow safety expectations so we can have a safe start to the semester. Learn more by visiting the Start Safe. Stay Safe. website.