Social Work Pioneer

“Social workers can help anyone in need, regardless of socioeconomic status.”  - Muriel Pumphrey


(1910 - 2000)

In honor of Women's and Social Work History month, the School of social work recognizes one of its own.

Dr. Muriel Pumphrey was a dedicated social worker, published scholar, and revered educator whose career spanned 49 years (1931– 1980). She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Oberlin College in Ohio in 1930 and earned a Doctorate of Social Welfare (DSW) from Columbia University in 1956. Dr. Pumphrey is most known for creating the Social Work department at the University of Missouri -St. Louis in 1976.

Other notable highlights of Dr. Pumphrey‘s career include:

  • 1931–1934: She completed her graduate field studies while working in a settlement house during the Great Depression
  • 1939–1945: Volunteered as a statistical researcher for a post–World War II planning study and used her home as a base of operations for social workers to strategize war relief efforts
  • 1959: The Council on Social Work Education published her textbook, “The Teaching of Values and Ethics in Social Work Education”
  • 1980: Became an Emeritus Professor of Social Work after retiring

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