Social Work Virtual Writing Lab         

Need help with a paper or assignment for a social work class?

Sign up for a VIRTUAL Writing Lab session in four easy steps:

  • At least one day before your appointment, sign up at the link with your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS: Social Work Virtual Writing Lab signup sheet
  • Email the assignment or paper you need help with to
  • Watch your email inbox for a Zoom invitation for a meeting with one of our graduate assistants: Brittany Hafford, Nick Heller, Robyn Hutchins, Niya Jones, Jack Mazzoccoli, Kayla Sidwell, or Myesha Thomas.
  • Accept the Zoom invitation and log on to your meeting at the appropriate time!


  • Each appointment is set for 20 minutes.
  • A valid email address is required to set up the Zoom meetings, so be careful that you type the correct email address when you sign up.
  • Please be patient as we navigate this new process!

 For questions, please contact Tivoli Majors at