Meet Associate Dean Rosenthal

Patti Rosenthal is a Clinical Professor and the Associate Dean of the School of Social Work at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Patti coordinates the field education program for MSW students and teaches field seminars and practice courses. She also leads the Social Work Field Education Collaboration project in conjunction with the Saint Louis University School of Social Work, the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University, and Fontbonne University.

Patti is currently engaged in exciting work with two community agencies. She serves on the Impact Leadership Team for Kids in the Middle and sits on the board of directors for Saint Louis Counseling. Kids in the Middle serves children and their families who are experience separation, divorce, or remarriage. Saint Louis Counseling is a mental health organization that provides office-based therapy, psychiatric services, EAP services, a college success program, and embeds mental health therapists in schools in our region.


Phone: 314-516-6506
Office: 484 SSB
Office Hours: On Tuesdays 4 P.M.-6 P.M. (virtual)
Other hours by appointment.
You can download Patti Rosenthal's CV here. 

SOCWRK 4300: Social Work Practice with Communities

MSW, Washington University (1982)

BA, Gannon University (1980)

December 2019 and 2020     
Guest lecturer on child and elder abuse reporting    St. Louis, MO
College of Optometry--UMSL

March 15, 2019                     
“A Conversation with the Field Directors”  St. Louis, MO
Field Instructor Appreciation Day
Co-presenters with Jenni Harpring, Beth Barrett, and Laura Beaver

March 6, 2019                       
Conference Presentation. “Challenges and Strategies for Social Workers Training in Integrated Behavioral Health Settings: Observations from the Field.”  Tampa, FL
Co-presenter with Riisa Easley, Sharon Johnson, and Sha Lai Williams-Woodson. 

August 16, 2018                   
“Managing Interns and Practicum Students to Maximize Time, Talent and Impact”     St. Louis, MO
Co-presenter with Dr. Terry Jones
See Patricia Rosenthal's CV for a complete list of presentations and interviews.


Social work field education, children and families, crisis intervention, child abuse, single parenting, divorce, and remarriage.


Admissions Committee (2001-present),

Curriculum and Instruction Committee (1998-present),

MSW Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee (2013-present),

Faculty Search Committee (2001-2006, 2012-2013),

Space Committee (2006-2008)

Policy and Personnel Committee (2001-present)
Ad Personam Committees for Promotion of NTT faculty (2019-2020)

Served as chair of practice sub-committee for reaffirmation of
accreditation (2009-2010)

Chair of Curriculum Sub-committee for Strategic Planning Process(2013)

The Safe Zone program (2006-present)