In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our staff is developing a number of trainings and resources to help caregivers and professionals who work with children during this time. Please see the information below to register for upcoming events or review information that we have previously provided.

A significant amount of children belong to unique caregiving systems. During the time of COVID-19 these families have had to make special accommodations that perhaps increase conflict and stress for all individuals. The webinar below aims to provide skills and strategies for communication, managing stress, and decision making to members of these families and the professionals who work with them.





Our staff partnered with Alive and Well and delivered a webinar on supporting caregivers of children during this time. This video can be found here. 
During this time of uncertainty related to the coronavirus pandemic, children may experience an increase in confusion and distress. There are steps that caring adults can take to support children. Join the University of Missouri St. Louis' Children Advocacy Services staff on a webinar that will provide caring adults with knowledge and skills necessary to help address the needs of children during this time. Specific areas covered will include: how to explain the pandemic to children, how to set up routines to minimize possible stress responses, strategies to use if you notice children being distressed, and how to know if medical or mental health support is needed for children and adolescents.
Picture of a child asking questions. Text: Talking to children about Coronavirus