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All too often, students face barriers to their success that can be addressed. This page is dedicated to providing information on steps you can take if you're facing any of the common barriers that students encounter throughout the semester.

I'm not able to afford to pay off my Triton account balance!

All payments, payment arrangements, and Triton account resolution services are handled in the Cashier's Office which is located in MSC 285. 

You should also visit Student Financial Aid in MSC 327 to meet with a Financial Aid Counselor. There may be additional financial aid opportunities available to you.  

I need a break!  What's going on around campus?

The Office of Student Involvement has a variety of day and evening activities that are planned just for UMSL students. Visit their office in MSC 366 to get current information on upcoming events and learn more about student organizations. Many student-led events are hosted by the University Program Board (UPB). Get involved!

I'm feeling overwhelmed with my course load!

Feeling overwhelmed during the semester is not at all uncommon. Fortunately, UMSL provides a variety of programs and services that are geared at assisting you to develop behaviors that will help reduce stress and the overwhelming feelings. Start your journey in stress reduction by visiting us in The Office of Student Enrichment and Achievement (107 Lucas Hall). Learn some quick tips for reducing stress (PDF 260KB).

I'm thinking about withdrawing from all of my classes this term!

Wait!  We want to help! Withdrawing from all of your classes may have many impacts on your success including delayed degree completion and your financial aid eligibility - just to name a few. Before you withdraw from your courses, we encourage you to visit us in SEA (107 Lucas) to meet with one of our Success Coaches so we can help map out the best plan for you. Review common questions and facts (PDF 120KB) about withdrawing that you should consider.

I need tutoring but I don't know where to find services!

Your starting point for any support you need on campus is right here in SEA. We can connect you to campus-wide services through our extensive connections and relationships. You can also check NetTutor for online tutorial services.  To access NetTutor, simply log into Canvas and select your course.  Then select NetTutor on the left menu for the course.

I am having personal hardships that are impacting my ability to be successful!

The Office of Student Enrichment and Achievement is here to assist you in identifying and overcoming barriers that are blocking your success. Sometimes, however, those barriers are more personal in nature and require connection to other resources. The University is committed to your success, both on-campus and in your home life. We encourage you to contact Student Social Services or The Counseling Center if you're facing personal crisis and need assistance.

Your question not listed? No problem! Send us your question at, or stop by Lucas Hall 107 today!