Before Moving In

  • Can you tell me about the on-campus housing process?
    • Students must first be accepted to UMSL.
    • Once accepted, you can apply for on-campus housing. To complete the application process, you must submit an online application. There is a $60 application fee which will automatically be charged to your student account.
  • When will room assignments and roommates be known?
    • Returning students will receive their residence hall assignment prior to leaving for summer break.
    • New students will receive their room assignment and roommate information via Triton Housing Portal before August 1.
  • What should students bring for their room?
    • Please review our list of items students should and should not bring to their residential hall.
  • What happens on Move-In Day?
    • On Move-In Day, all students must have their UMSL Student ID and any required forms. Without your Student ID, Residential Life and Housing cannot grant you access to the building or your room.
      • Please note that IDs must be obtained and activated at least three days prior to move-in.
    • Once you and your student have checked in, the next step is meeting with your RA and filling out a room inventory.
    • When your room inventory has been completed, you can begin moving everything in.  Student staff will be available to help you move your items.

Oak Hall "The Suite Life"

  • What are the dimensions of the rooms in Oak Hall?
    • Room dimensions vary by layout and location of your student's room. Typically, room size is 10' x 10' (LxW). Rooms are furnished with an XL twin mattress and bed frame, desk and chair, dresser, armoire, mini-microwave, mini-refrigerator and freezer unit.
  • Are lofts available?
    • Yes. They are available at move-in, on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Can room assignments be changed?
    • Residential Life recognizes that occasionally residents are matched with roommates with whom they do not feel compatible. If this occurs, your student may request a room change through their RA and the Hall Director after an initial waiting period of two weeks at the beginning of each semester. The ability to change a room is dependent upon available vacancies.
  • What if students get locked out of their room?
    • Locked-out residents can go to the front desk in Oak Hall where they can check out a back-up key to their room. However, if they have lost the key, it will cost $110 to replace the key and ring set. For more information, please see our Community Guide.
  • Where can my student do their laundry?
    • There is a 24-hour laundry facility on the first floor of Oak Hall with a change machine, single-use laundry detergent dispenser, etc. The machines cost $1 to wash, and $1 to dry.
  • If I need to send my student mail or a package, where should I send it to?
    • Please address all mail and packages to: Resident's Name, Hall and Room/Suite Number, One University Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63121. Learn more about mail services.
  • When does my student need to leave the residence hall for break?
    • Fall Break
      • Students are not required to leave the residence halls during fall break.  If they do, they should plan to return no later than the Sunday evening prior to classes.
    • Winter Break
      • For Winter Break, all residents should be out of the building by 12pm on Friday of finals week. If a student has forgotten an item in their room, they will need to contact Residential Life and Housing's Central Office in Provincial House to be escorted through the building, as their ID access will be disabled. Residents may return to their rooms at 12pm on the Friday prior to class resumption, unless otherwise instructed.
    • Spring Break
      • Students are not required to leave the residence halls during Spring break.  If they do, they should plan to return no later than the Sunday evening prior to classes.
    • Summer Break
      • Residents who do not have a specific summer contract to stay during the summer must check out with their RA by 12pm on the Saturday immediately following finals week, unless otherwise instructed.
    • Academic Calendar
  • What happens during Move-Out in May?
    • On Move-Out Day, all residents must completely vacate and check out of their room with their RA by the specified time. For more information, see the Community Guide or check out the move-out information.

Meal Plans

  • Who is the food service provider?
    • The University of Missouri-St. Louis food service provider is Sodexo.
  • Can we change the meal plan we initially chose?
    • Yes. If you need to change your meal plan, you can do so within the first two weeks of the semester by coming to the Central Housing Office in Provincial House. Your bill will be adjusted after the change has been made.
  • Where can I find more information about my meal plan?

Parking and Transportation

  • Can students park their vehicle on campus?
    • Yes, all students, regardless of housing status, can park their vehicle on campus as long as they have an UMSL-issued parking sticker. For more information about the parking permits, please contact Student Financial Services in the Millennium Student Center.
  • Can parents park on campus while visiting?
  • I don't have a car, how can I get around campus?
    • There are several transportation methods for residents.
      • First, you can always walk to class or to other side of campus. It usually takes less than 15 minutes and sometimes you even beat the shuttle.
      • Secondly, there is the campus shuttle which runs back and forth across campus.
      • A third option is the free Metrolink and Metrobus pass each student receives. There are Metrolink stops on both North Campus and South Campus.


  • What are the biggest academic adjustments during the freshman year?
    • Learning to discipline oneself and manage time are critical adjustments. Though college classes may meet only every other day, or once a week, the workload is still challenging. It is suggested that the student spend two hours of studying for every one hour in class, balanced with study breaks. Luckily, there are a wide variety of campus departments, tutors, and mentors who can help students make those adjustments.
  • How can a student get help if they’re struggling with academics or a certain class?
    • If a student is struggling in a class, they should first schedule an office meeting with their professor. They can discuss challenges, note-taking and test-preparation methods, and tutoring possibilities. The professor can help the student decide if they should continue or drop the class. In addition, other resources are available such as Student Achievement and Enrichment and Residential Life and Housing's Peer Mentors.
  • Making the Transition to College: A Guide for Parents
  • Transition to College: Separation and Change for Parents and Students

Billing and Financial Aid

  • Does Residential Life and Housing provide scholarships?
  • When is a student’s account billed for Residential Life charges?
    • Student accounts are typically billed one to two months prior to the start of a new semester.  All university charges to a student’s account can be viewed through MyView. Once logged in, students need to click the Self Service tab, then Campus Finances, and finally Account Inquiry.  Under Account Inquiry, students can view all charges to their student account. Parents can view their student’s accounts by becoming an authorized payer. For more information, please contact Student Financial Services.

General Questions

  • What is the alcohol policy at UMSL?
    • For more information regarding this policy and others, please visit the Division of Student Affairs. Typically, any student aged 21 and older is allowed to consume alcohol within the privacy of their own room. Other conditions do apply. Violation of the policy will result in disciplinary action.
  • Are there computers and Internet connections on campus?
    • Yes, student computer labs are located in a variety of locations throughout campus. Oak Hall residents have access to the free campus WiFi network, can use the wired Ethernet ports in each room, can head to the closest computer lab in the Honors College, or walk a little further to one of the computer labs in Marillac Hall on South Campus.
  • What should I do if I get sick?
    • If a student’s illness lasts one or two days, they are responsible for notifying their instructors regarding missed classes. Any illness extending three or more days should be assessed by  University Health, Wellness and Counseling Services. Health Services provides screening of medical conditions and referrals to either our on-staff physician or local medical providers. In most cases, there are no fees for student visits to Health Services. If there is billing for minor procedures or prescriptions, the student's account will be billed.

Have a question that is not answered here? Please feel free to contact the Office of Residential Life at (314) 516-6877.