Check Your Meal Plan Balance

The University of Missouri-St. Louis requires that each student living in Oak Hall must have a meal plan during the Fall and Spring semesters. The mandatory meal plan is Option 1, but students may choose to upgrade. All of the plans include a meal swipe/equivalency and/or a declining balance.

Mansion Hill Apartments does not have a meal plan requirement, but students may purchase declining balance dollars in the Mansion Hill Clubhouse main office.

The meal plans and declining balances can be used at a variety of locations on both North and South Campus, including the Nosh, Einstein's Bagel Company, the Provincial House Dining Hall, Café TJ, and Oak C-Store.

*Students with food allergies or medical dietary concerns should contact Residential Life and Housing to discuss potential meal plan options. Please be prepared to provide documentation of allergy or medical dietary concern.

If you'd like to make changes to your current meal plan, please choose the best form below.

Provincial House Dining Hall

Located on South Campus, Provincial House Dining Hall is an all-you-can-eat dining option. This is designed for the block meals (one block per visit), but students can use their declining balance for one flat rate per meal if they prefer or if they don't have a meal plan.

Dining Hall Hours: daily from 11am - 7pm

  • From 11am - 3pm:  lunch rates
  • From 3pm - 7pm: dinner rates

The Nosh

Located in the Millennium Student Center on North Campus, The Nosh is an à la carte dining option.

  • Meal equivalency is valid Monday - Friday 10:30am to 3:00pm.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Closed.

Menu information, hours of operation, and other information about Sodexo at UMSL can be found at UMSL Dining or by calling Sodexo directly at (314) 516-6619.

Meal Plan Options for the 2022 - 2023 Academic Year

** please note that these prices are not the final costs and are subject to change **

Option 1: 100 block $350 declining balance per semester  $1,962 $3,924
Option 2: 150 block $250 declining balance per semester $2,205 $4,410
Option 3: 200 block $150 declining balance per semester  $2,266 $4,531
Option 4: $1820.50 declining balance per semester $1,973 $3,945

Monday through Thursday, students may use meal swipes from 10:30am-3pm at the Nosh Food Court in the Millennium Student Center. The value of the swipe is $8.00 and there is a maximum of two equivalency swipes per meal period. If the amount is exceeded, the cashiers will be happy to take cash, credit card, or declining balance for the remaining balance.

The Provincial House Dining Hall is also open from 11am-7pm for lunch on South Campus. The Provincial House Dining Hall is designed for the block meals, and each meal is considered one block deducted.

During the weekend (Friday through Sunday), students may use their meal block swipe at the Provincial House Dining Hall during meal times. One meal swipe is good for any food item(s) while dining in the Provincial House Dining Hall.

Block meals do not roll over to the next semester if they are not used by the last day of each semester. The funds will automatically be cleared and no refund will be granted.

No more than six (6) meal blocks can be used in a 24-hour period at any of our dining locations or at a combination of our dining locations. 

The declining balance dollars can be used to purchase any food item(s) at any of the following locations: The Nosh, Einstein's Bagel Company, Provincial House Dining Hall, Cafe' TJ, and Oak C-Store. Additional declining balance funds may be added through the Office of Residential Life and Housing using the Declining Balance Request form. The declining balance funds are placed onto your student ID card, and are subtracted off the remaining balance each time you use it, much like a prepaid debit card.

Any declining balance dollars left over from the Fall semester will roll over to the Spring semester. However, any dollars left over from the Spring semester will not roll over to the next school year. All funds must be used by June 30 of each year, and any remaining funds are automatically cleared for the next school year.