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UMSL Logotype

The University of Missouri-St. Louis is recognized by its name and the symbols that represent the organization. Words, colors, and the UMSL logotype are among the visual tools the university uses to identify and distinguish itself; these tools, used together, enable the university to construct its brand identity.

It's important that standards be in place to ensure consistency when the university communicates. Consistency helps the university establish a clearly focused and effective brand identity.

The Office of Printing Services is part of University Marketing and Communications, which is responsible for integrating the university's internal and external communications. University Marketing and Communications published UMSL Style (2.5 MB Adobe PDF) to help university employees communicate with internal and external audiences in a consistent manner.

UMSL Style (2.5 MB Adobe PDF)
UMSL Tritons Logo Usage Guide (1.7 MB Adobe PDF)

University colors
UMSL's official color is red. The official secondary color is yellow. See section 2, "Color guidelines," of UMSL Style for information on UMSL colors.

File types for logotype
See section 3, "Logotype policies," of UMSL Style for information on how to use and properly display the UMSL logotype. The links below enable you to download ZIP files for each approved version of the logotype. Each ZIP file contains artwork in four file formats:

UMSL logotype red
UMSL red
UMSL logotype black
UMSL black

UMSL logotype yellow
UMSL yellow

UMSL white

UMSL logo shield
Previously, the UMSL logo shield was used in materials. While use of the UMSL logo shield is not inaccurate, University Marketing and Communications will be phasing out the UMSL logo shield in favor of the UMSL logotype. There is no need to recall items currently in circulation that contain the logo shield. However, the logotype should be used in future publications and communication vehicles.

Don't use the UMSL logo shield