UMSL COVID-19 Research Conversations

What Do We Know and What Can We do about it?

As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts all aspects of life, the cascade effects of the virus will linger long after it is contained. The virus disproportionately affects vulnerable populations and communities in the St. Louis region and around the world.  

UMSL faculty from a range of disciplines will share what they know and are learning about COVID-19 impacts on vulnerable populations, systems, and communities. Join your colleagues from across the UMSL campus to explore potential areas of research collaboration related to developing novel interventions, approaches, and generating new knowledge that can help communities at home and around the world effectively respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Conversations start at 9:00 a.m. via zoom every Friday starting April 24, 2020.

April 24 

The Impact of COVID-19 on Incarcerated Populations and the Justice System in St. Louis

Beth Huebner, Professor and Marissa Omori, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

May 1

Incidence of Gun Violence and Suicide in the midst of COVID-19

Liz Sale, Associate Research Professor and Katie Ellison, Project Manager, Safer Homes Collaboration, Missouri Institute of Mental Health

May 8

The Impact of COVID-19 on Immigrant & Refugee Communities in St. Louis

Adriano Udani, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

May 15 

Impact of COVID-19 on Opioid and Other Addicted Individuals, Providers and Systems of Care

Rachel Winograd, Associate Research Professor and Claire Wood, Assistant Research Professor, Missouri Institute of Mental Health

May 22

Incidence of Domestic Violence during COVID-19: Challenges and Research Directions

Kimberly Werner, Associate Dean For Research, College of Nursing and Annah Bender, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work 

May 29

African-Americans’ Lived Experiences of Compassion Fatigue in the Age of COVID-1

Sheila Grigsby, Assistant Professor, College of Nursing

June 5

Real-time Analysis and Reporting of COVID-19 Epidemiological Dynamics in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area

R. Fredrik Inglis, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

June 12

How COVID-19 is Affecting Communities and Muncipalities in St. Louis

Karl Guenther, Director, Anchor Institution Initiative and Kiley Bednar & Paul Sorenson, Co-Directors, Community Innovation and Action Center

June 19

The Impacts of COVID-19 on Students and Learning

Shea Kerkhoff, Assistant Professor & Jennifer Bumble, Assistant Professor & Mary Edwin, Assistant Professor, College of Education

June 26

How COVID-19 is Affecting Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners in the St. Louis Region

Dan Lauer, Founding Executive Director, UMSL Accelerate

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