Step 1: Define the job

Essential Functions

  • Job Duties - What are the job duties?
  • Physical Demands - What are the physical demands?
  • Primary Competencies - What are the most important competencies for success in this job?

Minimum/Preferred Qualifications

  • Education - What is the minimum education required? Is more or something specific preferred?
  • Experience - What is the minimum experience required? Is more or something specific preferred?
  • Credentials - Are there required credentials or certifications? If not, is something preferred?

General Information

  • Supervision Received - Who is the supervisor?
  • Peers and Customers - Does the job work closely with peers? Who are the customers?
  • Performance Expectations - What does it mean to be successful in this job?
  • Work Environment - What is the work environment like?
  • Schedule - What is the schedule?
  • Anticipated Pay - What pay range was posted?

Step 2: Create your interview plan

  • Number of Interviews
    • Preliminary Interview (if applicable)
    • Interview
    • Finalist Round (if applicable)
    • Reference Checks
  • Interview Participants
    • Who will be involved in each stage of selection?
  • Interview Location
    • Where will the interviews take place?

Obtain copies of job description and organizational chart

Step 3: Structure the interview

Step 4: Prepare applicant evaluation

  • Select initial screening criteria using the information outlined in Step 1
  • Select Interview Questions (if applicable, for both phone and in person interview); add to interview evaluation form(s)
  • Are all planned questions job-related?
  • Are you planning on asking the same questions of all applicants?
  • Are you planning on evaluating all applicants consistently

Step 5: Select applicants to interview

Screen based on your plan!