Time and Labor

What is time and labor?

The University of Missouri implemented Time & Labor in November 2009. This comprehensive online payroll process allows employees to enter time worked, requests for time off, and absences. These entries are reviewed and approved electronically. This online process eliminates the need for paper-based time tracking.

Who uses time and labor?

All staff members as well as academic positions that are hourly paid monthly will use Time & Labor.

  • Time Reporters: Every employee is a Time Reporter and is able to access Time and Labor through myHR. In Time & Labor, there are two different types of Time Reporters - salaried and hourly. Salaried Time Reporters are generally exempt employees who are paid monthly. Hourly Time Reporters are generally non-exempt employees who are paid biweekly. Exceptions may apply.
  • Time Keepers: Each department will have one or more Time Keepers who are responsible for reporting and adjusting employees' time, assigning schedules, managing exceptions, and viewing aspects of employees' time such as gross pay and payable time. When requested, Time Keepers are also responsible for assigning Time Approver delegates. Time Keepers are similar to a department's WebTime person. NOTE: Time Keepers are not able to approve time unless they are also a designated delegate for a Time Approver.
  • Time Approvers: Managers and supervisors are Time Approvers and are responsible for approving time for the employees that report to them. In some instances, Time Approvers may have a delegate who will be responsible for approving time. Time Approvers are also able to report and adjust an employee's time, assign schedules, and manage exceptions.
  • Campus Payroll: Each campus' payroll office is responsible for completing the payroll process after the information from Time & Labor is automatically received by PeopleSoft Payroll.
  • Central Payroll: Central payroll maintains the set up and maintenance of Time & Labor.

How do I access my timesheet?

Access your timesheet through myHR.

Please check this page for further updates and information. Resources will be added including reference materials, links to additional resources, and online tutorial information.

  • Time & Labor Help Materials, including Online Tutorials
  • Terminology & Overview for Reporters
  • Terminology & Overview for Approvers and Keepers
  • Training Supplements
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    • Reporting Absences - Salaried Quick Reference
    • Approver and Keeper Functions
  • Setting Favorites (navigation shortcuts) in myHR
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