What's New

The University of Missouri System’s new approach to performance feedback is grounded in the belief that frequent, honest conversations between managers and employees drive better performance and engagement. Progress check-ins are regular discussions that will happen three times a year to:

  • Discuss what is going well and what could be better,
  • Check in on progress towards goals,
  • Stay aligned on current projects, and
  • Agree on next steps

In a performance-oriented culture, employees and managers are held accountable for whether goals and duties are accomplished throughout the year. Once a year, it is useful and valuable to summarize cumulative employee performance with an overall rating.

Rating Scale

We will move from a 5-point rating scale to a 3-point rating scale. The rated appraisal will be an overall rating and will not include individual competency scores.

  • Needs Development: Does not consistently meet all expectations. Additional direction and support is required/needed.
  • Reliably Delivers: Consistently meets expectations. Might exceed some expectations. Requires little to no additional direction to achieve established responsibilities.
  • Consistently Exceeds: Consistently exceeds or delivers beyond expectations. Influences others to perform better.


The full process will begin with FY22, utilizing the following schedule:

  • August – November
  • December – March
  • April – July (rated)
The process will include, at a minimum:
  • A self-appraisal by the employee
  • An appraisal by the employee’s supervisor
  • A meeting in which the employee and supervisor discuss the employee’s performance and set performance and development goals for the coming year.


Highlights of the New Process

Creates a culture of accountability and candor Clarifies and aligns objectives with university/unit goals
Supports a shared responsibility between supervisors and employees Identifies training and development desires and needs
Emphasized informal recognition Builds upon existing structure (e.g., academic calendar, budget cycle, year-end metrics, numerous direct reports, seasonal work, etc.)
Annual score aids in determination of merit Convenient location of process in myHR
 For additional information, visit the UM System ePerformance website in Related Links.