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Time Management For Union Eligible

Time management For Support Task Expert

Time management For Subject Matter Professional

Time Management For Management

Time Management For Leadership

  • Manages own time with a focus on assignments.
  • Works with supervisor to set goals.
  • Proactively identifies and responds to obstacles.
  • keeps others informed of overall progress.
  • Prioritizes workload of function.
  • Completes tasks in a timely manner.
  • Persists until a problem is solved or goal is achieved.
  • Accomplishes results inspite of challenges.
  • Defines objectives and resources required efficiently.
  • Manages and oversees multifaceted projects and assignments.
  • Adopts new methods or ways of working based on guidance from supervisor.
  • Adapts to shifting priorities as a result of new ideas.
  • Balances multiple priorities, adapting quickly to shifting priorities.
  • positively exemplifies balance and adaptability.
  • promotes a culture of positivity, continuous improvement, and adaptability.