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Judgment For Union Eligible

Jugment For Support Task Expert

Judgment For Subject Matter Professional

Judgment For Management

Judgment For Leadership

  • Collects & organizes necessary information for decision making.
  • Collects and organizes available information and uses routine procedures to make decisions.
  • assists others in doing the same.
  • leads team in doing the same.
  • Conducts in-depth analysis while considering multiple inputs to develop optimal alternatives & solutions.
  • Follows existing  protocols & procedures for monitoring own work.
  • Escalates complex decisions to appropriate team members.
  • identifies process improvements as needed.
  •  Provides clear directions and expectations for others to follow when making decisions.
  •  Sets and implements standards for the function/department and integrates with other functions.
  • Identifies short-term effects of decisions on own work products.
  • Balances making decisions independently versus seeking input.
  • Involves others in the decision-making process as necessary.
  • Weighs possible outcomes when making decisions.
  • makes timely decisions when faced with ambiguous information.