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Diversity & Inclusion For Union Elgible

Diversity & Inclusion For Support Task Expert

Diversity & Inclusion For Subject Matter Professional

Diversity And Inclusion For Management

Diversity And Inclusion For Leadership

  • Builds awareness of diversity and inclusion.
  • Engages in ongoing professional development.
  • Identifies, builds upon and integrates/incorporates specific capabilities.
  • serves as an example to others by demonstrating behaviors.
  • Proactively provides resources and support for ongoing education of employees.
  • Demonstrates a positive, respectful attitude towards others of different identity groups.
  • Interacting with individuals from different identity groups.
  • Observes and is aware of employee interactions.
  •  Communicates the positive effects  among team(s).
  • Promotes the interaction and integration of diverse individuals into teams to positively impact.
  • Provides service and learns how to make accommodations.
  • Demonstrates equality and inclusion providing support.
  • Effectively integrates diverse perspectives into decisions, projects, and plans.
  • Seeks input from key leaders and/or stakeholders.
  • Models inclusive decision-making within own and across functions/departments.