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Customer Focus For Union Eligible

Customer Focus For Support Task Expert

Customer Focus For Subject Matter Professional

Customer Focus For Management

Customer Focus For Leadership

  • Actively listens to accurately identify and understand needs and requests.
  • Asks the right questions and actively listens to understand needs and requests.
  • Displays an active interest to fully understand concerns and issues.
  • promotes an environment to maintain positive customer relationships.
  • Strategically identifies opportunities for service improvement.
  • Consistently and reliably performs assigned tasks to meet needs.
  • Responds to standard, routine requests in a consistent and reliable manner.
  • Models positive service behavior and handles more complex cases.
  • ensures accuracy and completeness of other’s work outputs. 
  • Gathers a variety of data and information and makes recommendations and improvements.
  • Follows instructions from manuals, lead(s), and/or supervisor(s).
  • Works with supervisor, customer, and/or team to meet both customer and university expectations.
  • researches and shares best practices in customer service.
  • Requests feedback to ensure service levels are being met/exceeded by team(s).
  • Promotes a customer centric culture.