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Accountability For Union Eligible

Accountability For Support Task Expert

Accountability For Subject Matter Professional

Accountability For Management

Accountability For Leadership

  • Responds to directions and completes job in a timely fashon.
  • Takes Responsibility for tasks,decisions and outcomes.
  •  Takes Full Responsibility in achieving goals.
  • Integrating all responsibilities to accomplish goals and objectives.
  • Creates opportunities for employees to grow.
  • Delivers expected results following specified timelines.
  • Delivers consistent, accurate results, meeting deadlines and expectations.
  • Takes initiative and completes work, tasks, objectives, etc.
  • Measures and tracks performance of individual.
  • Motivates employees to achieve goals.
  • Works closely with supervisor to understand expectations for assignments
  • Owns individual decisions, outcomes, and work products.
  • Actively communicates expectations, ways to accomplish .
  • Conducts status updates with employees to manage work and delays.
  • Connects with other leaders to identify and define goals.