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Publishing expands learning beyond the classroom walls.  Through writing, we make our thinking visible, both to ourselves and to others.  Writing is vital to creating, communicating, and participating in the world.  Writing lets us manage complex projects and organize our work with others. It creates opportunities to reconsider our perspectives and relationships. Through genres as diverse as poetry or civic proposals, essays or screenplays, writing lets us compose our future and write ourselves into the cultural narrative.  Writing transforms us, unites us, demystifies the differences between us, and connects us to the world’s collective knowledge in new and exciting ways.  Digital tools, platforms, and social media have put the fact of writing and media creation in the palms of our hands. GWP asks you to join us in promoting the power of publishing.

Help spread the power of writing.  Check out our publishing Site & these National Events

  • Scholastic Writing Competition
  • NaNoWriMo
  • African American Read-In
  • National Day on Writing
  • Poetry Out Loud
  • #PocketPoem