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Join us in any or all of our low stakes writing challenges! 

Challenges are  designed to keep your daily writing habit in tact with the bonus of being encouraged by the community and participation of your peers.

In summer, we take on the challenge of writing for 100 days and meet every 25 days to share our writing.  Check our front page for meeting information.




The InkTober Initiative is the brainchild of artist, illustrator Jake Parker. The idea is to ink a picture and post it on social media every day during the month of October. 31 days, 31 inked drawings.

Writers still use ink, albeit in a different way than a visual artist.  The idea is to open this up to more folks to encourage the daily outlet of creativity and artistic expression.  Follow us on Instagram to participate.  

In November, we encourage all teachers to participate in NaNoWriMo and to join us at one of our scheduled Write-Ins.  Check the front page for meeting information.


During winter, we keep your writer brains going with a Winter Break Writing Challenge. 

Check out our Instagram for inspiration during the cold, cold months of winter.  

February keeps the writer heart beating with our Instagram Writing Challenge.


In March, we connect GWP TCs with the global

Slice of Life Challenge 

and encourage each other to stick with the blogging challenge by sharing, posting, and commenting.